ACES IPSec Gateway (SW)

Features & Specifications AT a glance


  • 2 X 1000 Base-T Ethernet interfaces
  • DUAL PORT optical fiber NIC WITH 1Gbps speed
  • 1.9 GB/s Device AGGREGATE throughput ON FULL-duplex line

KEY Management

  • Standard IPSec USING FIPS Compliant mechanisms WITH
  • Customized KEY Generation mechanism
  • Fully customizable according TO USER requirements
  • Smart card support

Customized Operations

  • Fault resilient
  • Standby IN active/passive MODE
  • Support FOR voice AND video
  • ALGORITHM scheduler

Cryptographic Support

  • Has the support FOR AES/TwoFish/Serpent/Mars/RC6 WITH 128/256 bits SECURITY strengths IN CBC MODE

Performance Comparison

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