ACES IP Encryptor (HW)

Reliable AND highly secure Layer-3 hardware based encryption device

Provides complete plug-AND-play operation FOR DATA networks through optical fiber AND copper interfaces

Specifications AT a glance

PRODUCT IP Encryptor (HW)
Line rate 1 Gbps, FULL Duplex, Encryption AT line rate
Communication Interface Copper RJ45 FULL-Duplex Fiber Optics SFP MODE
POWER supply 220-240 V
Operating temperature 1° C -40° C
Operating humidity 10% -85%
Dimensions 19” 1U chassis (h:44mm, w:430mm, d:230mm)
Availability Yes

Technical Details

Parameters Description
ALGORITHM Advance Encryption Standard (AES)
KEY LENGTH 128/256 bits
KEY Generation KEY generation WITH Hardware Random Generation
KEY Management Through Secure Central SERVER USING FIPS Compliant Mechanisms

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